Poplin APIs for Developers

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The Standard for Medicaid IT Modularity

If you work in Medicaid IT, you should know about Poplin APIs. The Poplin project is using open-source software and standards to create open APIs that anyone can use. We're leveraging a cross-organizational workgroup to develop a clear, consistent definition of the way that Medicaid modules interoperate.

How are the Poplin APIs defined?

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The Poplin APIs are defined through the successive development of a series of service definitions. These service definitions leverage a number of standards, including UML, SysML, UAF, OpenAPI Specification, and MITA 3.0. Each service definition is comprised of the following five artifacts:

  1. Business Process Models, which use Sys/UML diagrams to represent the functionality and flow of a system and its processes
  2. Object and Resource Models, which use Sys/UML diagrams to represent the entity composition and relationships of a system
  3. Object and Resource Definitions, which specify the nature of the data that can be exchanged with a service, what fields are included with each object, the name and type of each field, whether the field is optional or required, and cardinality of relationships with other objects (one-to-one, 0 or more, 1 or more, etc)
  4. API Definitions that (based on the above investigatory materials) tightly define the interactions between Medicaid modules
  5. Message Definitions that describe the payload and queuing style for each type of message produced by a service, for better near real-time notifications.

For more information, check out the Service Definition Template on GitHub.

Get Started

  • All code and documentation (including meeting notes in the wiki) are available on our Github site.
  • Since the Poplin team is spread across multiple organizations, we use slack to coordinate conversations outside of our regularly scheduled calls. If you would like to join our Slack channel, contact the administrator.
  • We use Pivotal tracker to plan and monitor our project tasks. If you would like permission to add or edit tasks, contact the administrator.
  • Every Friday at 1pm, we join a group call to check in with each other. Contact the administrator for an invite.